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Week six

Six weeks have passed, but many more are yet to come. And this one was a little crazy busy for the whole family, for the most part, thanks to sports events, so we didn’t have much time to spend together, especially on the school week evenings someone was always away. Even the usually slower weekend already started with quite a busy schedule.

Saturday was the day of my Czech family reunion, so before I could do anything else in the morning, I had to call them and say hi to all the thirty people present, so it would feel as if I was there with them. I was glad I got to see them again, but to be completely honest, I wanted to get it over with quickly since my host family had something more exciting planned for the day. My host siblings and I were to go to another Husker football game with grandma. A night game this time, so not only had we enjoyed the game itself, but we also experienced the Memorial Stadium light show after the third quarter, which made the night even more intriguing. The energy of the crowd and overall atmosphere briefly took my breath away. Everyone seemed highly interested and invested in the play and cheering on the Huskers though the players were not playing their best game. However, it was fun to watch, and the tension made it easy to pay attention. Thanks to that, I can proudly say that I finally understood the basics of football and could enjoy the game even more than the first time. I realized how much more entertaining football is once I comprehended how it works and what is happening on the field.

On Sunday, my host sister and her friend took me dress-shopping again since Homecoming was approaching, and not having anything to wear kept getting more stressful. However, after a few weeks of thinking about the one dress I tried on when I first went to the store, I finally decided to buy it. Eventually, I also bought high heels to wear with it and am now ready to go out and shine. 😀

The school week felt longer than it was. I cannot say I felt the best throughout the first few days. However, I tried to talk to people around me more and make new connections and friends because, usually, socializing helps me gain energy. And it did. After the rough days, I felt more like myself again, comfortable and accepted.

Nothing worth mentioning happened at school all week, except the school shooting threat followed by police coming on Friday, but that’s another story, and I don’t know much about it.
We had away volleyball games on Monday and Thursday, and we hosted a home game with parents’ night on Tuesday. I even got in once when we were winning rapidly for a while during the one on Monday. I have not gotten to stand on the court again after that, but I sure had fun watching our team as it keeps improving with every play, although we often lose. 🙂
There was, again, a school football game on Friday, but instead of going away to watch our team lose, I went to town with my friend to try more American fast foods and walk around Walmart for hours and then spent the night at her house, learning to play Mario Kart.

The little everyday things are what make me feel most at home, though so far away. Even the most common days are special to me because how else can I experience American life as it is, unfiltered and sometimes dreary, but to me, still dreamy?

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